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Behavior Expectations and Dress Code

Our goal at Granada is to help students be prepared for high school as well as college and career ready. One way is by teaching our students to be responsible, productive, and minimize things that are disruptive to learning.
Behavior expectations are reviewed schoolwide twice a year as well as within each class room.  Some of our general expectations (but not all) are:
  • Be on time for school (arrive by 7:45 am)
  • Treat others with respect
  • Follow school dress code (see below)
  • Follow school and classroom rules
  • No electronic devices such as cell phones, air pods/earbuds, smart watches are to be used during school hours (including during recess/lunch)
  • Please leave toys, candy, sodas, and other distracting things at home
  • Absolutely no bullying, fighting, vaping, graffiti, vandalism, or weapons are allowed.
Dress Code
Granada follows the AUSD uniform guidelines for students in K-8th grade. Students are asked to wear:
  • Pants/Shorts/Skirts/Jumpers: Navy blue or khaki
  • Shirts/Blouse: Navy blue, white, or school colors
  • One piece outfits: Navy blue, white, khaki or school colors
  • Cardigans/Sweatshirts: Navy blue, white, or school colors
  • Coats/Jackets: Any color (we encourage adding a name inside jackets and sweatshirts!)
  • Tennis shoes or other shoes with a closed toe and heel that allow students to safely and comfortably run
If families need assistance in obtaining school uniforms please contact one of Granada's School Community Coordinators.
From the AUSD Parent & Student Handbook (p.33)
B. Students must wear clothing including a shirt with pants, skirt, shorts or the
equivalent, or a dress and footwear as required by state law.
  1. Shirts and dresses must have fabric that covers the front, back, and sides.
  2. Clothing fabric must cover all private body parts and/or undergarments and must not
    be transparent (see-through).
  3. Clothing may not cover a student’s face to the extent that the student is not identifiable
    (except clothing worn for religious or medical purposes).
  4. Footwear shall be worn while on school grounds. Footwear must be both safe and nondestructive to school property.
  5. Reasonable variations from these requirements may be permitted by a building
    principal to accommodate student participation in approved activities such as for
    physical education classes (e.g., swimming) or other student activities (e.g., student
    theatrical productions).
C. Prohibited Apparel and Items. Students shall not be permitted to wear the following:
  1. Any clothing, jewelry or personal items that contain pictures and/or writing referring
    to alcohol, tobacco products, nicotine, sexual references, nudity, profanity, obscenity,
    unlawful use of weapons, and/or controlled or illegal drugs.
  2. Any clothing, jewelry or personal items that use or depict hate speech or targeting
    groups based on sex; age; race; religion; color; national origin; ancestry; creed;
    pregnancy; marital status; parental status; homelessness; sexual orientation; gender
    identity; gender expression; gender non-conformity; physical, mental, emotional or
    learning disability/handicap; or any other legally-protected status or classification.
  3. Any clothing, jewelry or personal items that threaten the health or safety of any other
    student or staff member.