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Parent Workshops

2017.11.04 Camp Read-A-Lot and Organization Skills Workshop
Thank you to our Granada Families who got up early Saturday morning to attend the Family Workshop. Kindergarten parents went fishing for letters with their children as they learned how to help their children strengthen their reading skills. Families with children in grades 4-8 spent the morning adding dividers to their binders to help with organization and learned how to make the most use out of their planners. 
2017.12.16 Interactive Read Aloud, Organization Skills, and High School Transition Workshop
Thank you to our Granada Families for attending our Saturday Workshop. Parents of students in grades K-3 learned how to read with their children in an interactive way to build strong reading comprehension skills. Families in grades 4-6 worked together to organize their school binders and agendas. And parents of students in grades 7-8 were informed about the important steps their children should take for a smooth transition into High School. 
2018.03.03 Reading and SBAC Workshop